Sintering process of E - Glass

Formation of inter-particle bond followed by desinfication is a basic question of the sintering process to obtain the reliable product. Durability, stability and its functionality, usually, are among basic parameters that are related to material reliability. Mechanical properties, thermophysical properties and specific tests to its functionality in combination to material structure give answer on reliability.

The starting values (equilibrium structure of the powder particles) and the final values (equilibrium stage) of the specific heat have to agree with the published data however, anomalous values exist in the intermediate sintering stage when atoms are fixed in the multi - well potentials that generate 
additional microstates for atomic movements.

The thermophysical properties at 25C were measured that are presented in Fig. 1 together with measurements of density. Three structures were analyzed by scanning microscope.

Fig. 1 Sintering study of the E-glass