Temperature range and resolution: -30C to +100C, 0.1C
Measuring regimes: -isothermal
Temperature stability: 0.05 K
Measuring conditions: Air, Inert gas
Vacuum up to 0.1 Pa
Range of experimental parameters:

Heat pulse width:

Heat pulse energy:

Temperature response:

0.2 sec. to 5 min.

104 to 106 J m-2

0.5C to 5C

Sizes of the speciment:

Brick with the cross-section



the brick is cut into three pieces


150 x 150mm2 or 50 x 50mm2

from 45mm up to 200mm


Range of measured parameters and accuracy:

Specific heat:

Thermal diffusivity:

Thermal conductivity:


150 to 10 000Jkg-1K-1  1-3%

10-8 to 10-6 m2 sec-1       1-5%.

0.002 to 50 Wm-1K-1    2-8%