A PC computer in connection with the microprocessor unit is used for control of the measuring process and data acquisition. The menu-controlled software with on-line help system improves the efficiency of the instrument operation. Setting three parameters namely thickness and the diameter of the specimen as well as density and specimen shape (cylinder or rectangle), the system automatically optimize experimental parameters (energy and the width of the heat pulse). An isothermal regime at any temperature from 40C up to 100C can be used. The experimental parameters can be adjusted manually, too to investigate data reliability in detail. 

Different programs are offered:

  • Basic program represents "one shot" measuring regimes. This program includes procedures that estimates heat pulse energy and heat pulse width, the "tuning" procedure that optimize heat pulse energy and heat pulse width and, finally, the procedure that determines specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity.

  • Advanced program includes the facilities of the Basic program. In addition the measurements in cycles can be realized. The program outputs the data files. This version is estimated for customer that wants to use his own thermostat. Therefore the temperature has to be set manually due to operation of the thermostat.

Several input forms are constructed that helps to operate any of the programs mentioned above. Some of them are shown below:

Setting parameters in Basic and Advanced program. Stabilization time tstab has to be set that represents temperature equilibration after measurement was realized. The measuring time tmeas plus stabilization time tstab gives time of measuring cycle. Measuring time tmeas is automatically calculated. The button "go" starts the tuning procedure when auto tuning check box is active (checked).

Setting parameters in the Advanced program. Setting shape of the specimen (circle/square) and 
diameter/cross-section and thickness of the specimen, the estimation of heat pulse energy and heat pulse width is performed. 

The Internet page and the e-mail address offer basic information and help in the instrument operation and data evaluation.

Recorded temperature response and the current and voltage measured on planar heat source.