Measurements of thermophysical parameters of POROFEN 30N (Phenolic foam). Measurements were made on two different specimen thick-nesses, namely on 48 mm and 23 mm. Specimen cross-section was 150x150 mm2. Data sheet of the producer gives following values of the thermophysical parameters:

Density: 31.6 kg m-3
Specific heat: 1630 J kg-1 K-1
Thermal diffusivity: 0.7 10-6 m2 sec-1
Thermal conductivity:  0.04 W m-1 K-1

Variations of thermophysical data with specimen thickness is shown in this figure.

Temperature dependence of the thermophysical parameters of Porofen (Phenolic foam) as a function of temperature. Data are obtained on specimen having cross-section of 150x150 mm and thickness of 23 mm. Every point represent 5 measurements.