Characterization of activities:

Department of Thermophysics is involved in development and application of the transient techniques for measuring thermophysical properties of materials. Transient methods belong to highly innovative dynamic measurement techniques that might give three parameters within a single measurement, namely specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity. The activities of the Department of Thermophysics was concentrated to the following:

  1. Development of transient techniques, methodologies and measuring practices considering specific requirements of industry. Activities were concentrated on Pulse transient and Step-wise transient measuring technique. Methodology, and optimal experimental set-ups were analyzed that give reliable data.

  2. Development and construction of the instruments based on pulse transient method. The prototypes of instruments RT 1.02 and RTB 1.01 were constructed and prepared for production. While former instrument RT 1.02 is suitable for materials having the temperature range 1 20 W m-1K-1, the latter one is aimed for materials having thermal conductivity in the range 0.02 1 W m-1K-1. Portabkle and monitoring instruments has been constructed for measurement of thermal conductivity in the range 0.04 up to 1 W m-1K-1

  3. Development of Standard protocols regarding transient measuring techniques especially pulse transient and step-wise transient technique. This activity is performed within a broad cooperation with various European laboratories to cover the whole class of transient methods. 

  4. Development of thermophysical sensors for laboratory instruments as well as for portable and monitoring instruments. 

  5. Application of the transient methods in various area of the technology where heat transport is the control parameter.